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I did art :o by Enef I did art :o by Enef
I know there are huge mistakes here and there but come on, this is the first thing i've done properly with effort in like a year, it took me like an hour just to get to this stage and this is only the sketch "part 2" hahaha, holy shit i forgot how hard this was DD:D:D:D:D: ^^

Don't be too cruel ;;^^
Spectre-x Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
the first problem is that your guidelines are really, really uneven. Most art programs have, like, rulers and shit built into them. I'd recommend you make use of those. Also, you've used like this basic "this many heads tall" kind of guideline, and some bits for the face, but I don't see anything of the sort with the rest of the limbs. Start with basic shapes. Make sure you properly construct your figures.

The most baffling thing here, though, is even though you've got bad guidelines, you did actually USE guidelines, but you've messed up even there! A person's crotch is roughly level with their wrists and it's roughly the midway point of someone's total height. The legs from the crotch down are roughly as long as the torso and head combined. And you drew the wrists at the midway point like you should, but the guy's crotch is a good bit lower than that.

Really, just, bunker down and do as much life drawing and drawing from reference as you can. Really, REALLY work on your anatomy because good god, man, there's been virtually no change to your grasp of anatomy or proportion for years. And I should know, I've been following you for that long.

So yeah. Get some books. When you make guidelines, actually make guidelines. Don't eyeball them or half-ass them, make sure they're at least halfway decent so you can USE them as guidelines. And most importantly. Do. Life. Drawing.
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October 17, 2012
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